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Why We Do What We Do

Our Mission

Somerset Hills Learning Institute

Mission Statement

Founded in 1998, Somerset Hills Learning Institute is a private nonprofit program that offers a broad spectrum of services to children, adolescents, and adults with autism. The Institute is a dissemination site of the Princeton Child Development Institute and exists to provide science-based treatment and education to people with autism. Somerset Hills Learning Institute prepares professionals as autism intervention resources in New Jersey, and through its research, pioneers comprehensive intervention models that may be used nationally and internationally for the benefit of people with autism.

“Anna Celeste this morning was saying, ‘I can do anything I want.’ That is something that Somerset Hills [Learning Institute] has given her, that that’s possible. She can do anything she wants.”

Anna Celeste’s Parents

Our Personalized


We utilize life-changing treatment methods for children with autism. Our goal is to enable students to become as independent as possible; that requires a unique course of treatment for every student.

Graduate Level


Somerset Hills Learning Institute formally mentors highly effective professionals through our partnerships with universities around the state. This kind of continued growth ensures that the next generation of professionals is thoroughly equipped to effect change for those affected by autism.

Consuming and Producing

Scientific Research

The science of ABA is continuously improved through research. We have contributed to the expanding body of scientific knowledge and best practices for treating autism through our research and publication.

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