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What Does Our Logo Mean?




At Somerset Hills Learning Institute, we seek to make an impact on the global autism community. Our program standards are based on years of scientific evidence and yield positive outcomes.

Keys to Success

Our Process

Personalized Instruction
Family Support
Transition Preparation
Staff Training
Continued Research

1:1 Staff-to-Student Ratios to Ensure

Personalized Instruction

Custom Designed

Instructional materials and procedures are carefully created for each child and their effects on learning are evaluated. The process of creating and evaluating is continuous and, over time, results in personalized response to students’ needs that produces learning and mastery of skills.

Individual Instruction

Our individualized instructional programs bring IEP objectives to life by operating from the peer-reviewed, Applied-Behavior-Analytic literature, and student performance data to create the most effective teaching methods for each student.

Empowering Parents

Consistency at School and in the Community

With students spending 82% of each week at home, and the fact that children with autism don’t generalize their skills readily, parents are taught how to maintain consistency for their children at home and in the community. The end result – parents experience the joy of watching their children be happy members of their family.

Home Programming

Home programming is a requisite part of each family’s instructional program. Frequent home visits (on average 4-5 per month) are made by teachers, to coach and mentor parents, promote the generalization of children’s skills to home and community and foster meaningful inclusion.

Discover Home Programming

Working With Students & Parents

Preparing for Life Experience

We partner with parents to prepare their children to successfully participate in family and community events, which at times can be stressful for a child with autism and their family. A trip to the dentist, going through airport security, or an extended stay away from home, by way of examples, can be difficult situations for children with autism. Using research-proven technology known as activity schedules we teach our students how to independently move from activity to activity without stereotypy or disruptive behavior while enjoying a range of leisure, home and family living, and personal-care activities during both novel and routine family or community experiences.


From the moment a student walks through the door, we are working with them to achieve the goals they need in order to flourish outside our facility. Based on their age and skill level, children are either prepared for transition to public school or employment.

Transition to Public School

Through our transition program, we prepare students to successfully integrate into traditional education settings, and provide follow-up services.

Life-Skills Training

We provide job and life-skills training to our students as preparation and support for successful transition to the workforce and increasingly independent living.

Our Transition Program

Comprehensive & Professional

Staff Training

Hands-On Supervision

Continuous hands-on supervision of our staff throughout employment ensures consistent, high-quality education, every day, for every child with a 1 to 5 staff trainer to teacher ratio. Our trainers have either Masters or Ph.D.s in Behavior Analysis or are pursuing graduate work in Behavior Analysis. Our staff is also supervised by a Ph.D. level BCBA-D, with more than 32 years of experience delivering science-based Applied Behavior Analytic services to toddlers, children, and adults with autism.

Training Opportunities

We provide training opportunities for professionals to improve autism treatment in their communities, including a relationship with Caldwell University’s Applied Behavior Analysis Masters and Ph.D. programs. Currently, 26% of our clinical staff are pursuing or have successfully completed advanced degrees in Applied Behavior Analysis through this relationship.

Best Practices for Autism Treatment

Continued Research

Contributing to a Better Future

Dr. Brothers and other staff members conduct research on a broad spectrum of topics including Prompts and Prompt Fading, Joint Attending, Digital Technology for Teaching, and Weight Management to name a few. Staff members have been invited to present at, and participate in, conferences around the globe dedicated to best practices in autism treatment.

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