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Keys to Success

Transition Program

A Celebration of


Each transition is a celebration of success at returning students to their communities.

Transition to

Public Schools

“We feel more optimistic as parents now than we have for years […]. We’ve seen the progress.”

Somerset Hills Learning Institute Parent

Strategy for Success

Preparing For Public School

It All Starts on Day 1

The process of transitioning to public school starts on the first day a student arrives at the Institute. From the moment a student enrolls, we are developing a strategy for how we will prepare them to be educated somewhere else. We begin to modify curriculum around the student’s needs and put in a support structure to help them succeed. For each support that we put in place, we plan how we will later remove it as the student develops independence. Through our work we continuously check student progress against our list of prerequisites for a successful transition.

Mastering Prerequisites

As the child gets closer to mastering those prerequisites, we begin to identify private schools nearby that will work with our students. The student and an instructor begin to spend small amounts of time in that other school environment. During our time at the Institute with the student, we replicate challenges that the student had at the school, and help them learn to overcome those challenges. We gradually increase the amount of time that the student spends in the other school.

Transitioning is An Ongoing Process

We coordinate with the child’s neighborhood school district and begin the process there. Again, we start with small periods of time and gradually increase time in their neighborhood school over time. Gradually the receiving school takes the lead with the student, and the lnstitute’s staff recedes to a consulting role. Even after that relationship formally ends, we continue to make ourselves available to the family and the district if they would like our help.


Students Served


Current Students


Percent of Transitions to Public School


Million Dollars Saved

Job Skills Training

“There is no possible way to thank someone for giving you back your child.”

Somerset Hills Learning Institute Parent

Strategy for Success

Our Focus: Employment

Assumption: Work First

We prepare our older students for a transition into the workforce. Students at Somerset Hills Learning Institute, between the ages of 14 and 17, have job-sampling opportunities. This involves experiencing a variety of different jobs at sites such as a local farm, courthouse, daycare, big-box stores, etc.

Multitude of Skills

We give students the opportunity to learn a multitude of skills that are meaningful within those work settings. At 17 years of age, we discuss with the parents their child’s preferences, strengths and abilities and ask them to decide on one or two areas of job-readiness skills for us to focus teaching on from 17 to 21.

Working Within the Community

When the student reaches 21 years of age, we find employers within the community in need of our student’s set of skills. The transition process is now complete, and we take measures to ensure a productive relationship remains between our learners and employers.

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